środa, 16 stycznia 2019


Oh hello there.
I'm back after around 2 years. Why I was gone:
First of all I became chubby and I couldn't stand this in real life, so photoshooting for blog was more problematic, cause I was always full of anxiety which grows with my body. ;)
I was lack of outfits to wear, bc I wanted to be skinny again and I hated my body so it was impossible for me to go shopping or something.
I was sick, but now I'm kinda ok. As you may remember I was writing here about my dreams, my life but still covering that private stuff under name of fashion blog. It was not fashion, it was mix of everything I was thinking, feeling and sometimes wearing.
I wanted to create clean space, just for my looks, but I failed.
Then around year ago I switched off my blog.
Now I know that if I decide to write here in Polish (which is my main language) I will continue to write about feelings and dreams, cause I think that Polish language is really beautiful to read and also to hear, so I decided to try my best and run this blog all in English.
Not only for my followers but also-for me.
My life changed so much.One thing is bothering me, and this one thing is always here.
Anxiety and feeling less worthy than someone or something. I don't want this to be this way now. I want fresh start.I want to be healthy, confident and beautiful in my own way, whatever if I'm still a little bit chubby or not. I'm alive and I want to live, not daydream.

What I'm going to post here?
I'm running youtube channel about BJD dolls for my Polish audiences, cause in our country there is lack of quality information about this hobby.
I want to organize my stuff and create some outfits and looks for this place. I want to share with you my personal style, and save those photos for myself, it's funny to see how I'm changing overtime.
What is my style?
I'm tired of being "alternative". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be basic white girl, but I need some direction in my wardrobe.I'm in love in goth subculture and style since 2011, I really like emo stuff since 2009, but I feel like I'm not weak enough (and also-I'm too old) for this community.
I love purple, black, silver and emerald, so I think that I will challenge myself and turn myself into goth princess that I always wanted but was afraid to do it.
I want to create, try things but with some points in my head.We'll see.

Right now I'm almost 25yo (my bday is tomorrow), still with short blue hair and scared of showing myself more and more everyday. I'm gonna change that. I hope you will support me.
Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.