poniedziałek, 26 września 2022

czwartek, 23 czerwca 2022


 Last time I posted here it was spring, and now-oh-summer already?

I would call it just 'typical me'. Sorry.

My life is full of physiotherapy and other medical stuff that my child needs, so I took some bathroom photos durning one of them. Oh i wish I will get better with my blogging skills someday.

I wore 100% casual mom outfit, and fancy panda eyes with messy mascara and simple carmex on my lips.

And also, look at this sippy cup! You should get one for yourself. 

czwartek, 31 marca 2022



I bought this dress for my pregnancy photoshoot two years ago and I never wore it again.
I also bought this blouse last year, but I was too fat for it. It was impossible for me to put it on. Scary, huh?
Dress-Carry (L)
Blouse- second hand (XL)
Jacket- also sh
Shoes- BSK
Piercing- Arif
aaand I wore my engagement ring on my necklace

wtorek, 22 marca 2022

HIPPIE MOM (to be)

June 2020. My little man still in my belly.
I loved being preggo. Best time of my life.
I wish I had a chance to experience this again someday.
Kimono- Vero Moda
Dress- second hand
Shoes- Crocs
Necklace- Pieces
Bracelets- no name


pics taken in late 2020 

Shoes- Vices

full outfit from second hand



Vest- stolen from my hubby

Blouse- Only&Sons (L)

Jeans- Shein curve (2XL)

Shoes- Bershka

poniedziałek, 7 marca 2022


Last year, on March 20, I got married.

I felt like a rock'n'roll bride. There was no dinner and no wedding party. 

After the wedding, we went to celebrate the spring solstice.

I was just 8 months afrer giving birth to our son, so I looked kinda pregnant, but I wasn't.