czwartek, 23 czerwca 2022


 Last time I posted here it was spring, and now-oh-summer already?

I would call it just 'typical me'. Sorry.

My life is full of physiotherapy and other medical stuff that my child needs, so I took some bathroom photos durning one of them. Oh i wish I will get better with my blogging skills someday.

I wore 100% casual mom outfit, and fancy panda eyes with messy mascara and simple carmex on my lips.

And also, look at this sippy cup! You should get one for yourself. 

I wore:

Head cover- Eva Design

T-shirt- Shein curve (4XL)

Jeans- Shein curve (2XL)

Shoes- Cardio Bunny

Smart Band Mi 6, and some crystals designed for capricorn

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